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Here I am now

Let me try again..... There's lots of hairs in guessing about 65-70% Amber these pics are the best i can do with what I'm workingbwith


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They look good though , pretty happy n healthy :) if I could give you a tip for next time though it'd be look into training methods. All that 3ft or so below the canopy was pretty much a waste of time,leccy,nutes and most Importantly money lol.
Top them and/or tie them down a couple times and you'll get a better yield from a plant half the size in the same time or less.:)


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Much appreciated next grow I will do just that. Thank you
Theres someone here got a "quadline" thread going that's pretty awesome. Have a search for that, would be a great place to start looking.
I prefer 6 mains rather than their 4 mains but can't argue with the 2 branch difference lol. The guys in there have got it propper sussed though. There's loads of them doing it exactly the same and all getting wicked results.
Real easy.
Minimal effort.
Maximum weed!! :)
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