Hericules By Sannie's - Personal Legal Medical Grow by Cro0ked.Leaf

cro0ked Leaf

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Strain: Hericules (Herijuana x Shack)
Breeder: Sannie
2 of 2: Successfully Germinated

2 Plant SCROG

Tent: 4' W x 2' D x 5' H

Ventilation: 4" inline booster — Blowing IN // 4" Hurricane InLine Fan with Carbon Filter — Sucking OUT.

Lighting: Veg — T5 4ft x 6 Bulb, 4 Veg Bulbs 2 Flower Bulbs. Arranged like [VFVVFV]
Lighting: Flower — Same T5 4x6, 4 Flower Bulbs 2 Veg Bulbs. Arranged like [FVFFVF]

Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Nutes (Roots): Started with Root Organism XL, Once a week (every other watering) for 2 weeks from Seed.

Nutes (Veg): Fox Farms Grow Big, Once a week (every other watering). Veg'd 5 Weeks
(After the 2 weeks from Seed) Started - May 7, 2013

Nutes (Flowering): FF Tiger Bloom, Once a week (every other watering). 12/12 Switched on May 17, 2013 — First Signs of Budding started on May 24, 2013

Pots (2): 5 Gallon

Water: Reverse Osmosis/purified water. (I should have used Cal-Mag Supplement)

Stage 1: Germ, Seedling to Veg = 2 Weeks
Stage 2: Veg to 12/12 = 5 Weeks
Stage 3: Flower to Harvest =9.5-10 Weeks

Projected Harvest Date = May 30, 2013 ;)

If there's anything I forgot to mention above, let me know...

***Pictures coming soon***​

cro0ked Leaf

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cro0ked Leaf

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Flushed this morning... Lights go out on the evening of Aug 27, 2013 and harvest will be Aug 30th!!! Ill continue to post updates till then and answer any questions. This is My second grow - So any advice will be appreciated.

My 1st grow was Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto flower x 5 - All 5 germed - 400w MH/HPS - 9 weeks from seed, Harvested 7.5 Oz. Roughly 1.5 Oz a Plant which blew me away - considering it was my first grow. - very good smoke, Thick & smooth (no cough) after taste of Blueberry. in the Jar it kinda smelled of rotten earthy fruit.. Anyway back to the Hericules.

cro0ked Leaf

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Final Update.. Sorry No pics as it seems very few are interested =)
5 oz DRY.. One pheno = sweet taste, VERY relaxed high.. The other taller pheno = Not sweet, more like a dry, burnt taste, also a Very good relaxed high.

Currently Started 3rd grow: 1 DinaFem Blue Cheese Auto & 3 Dutch Passion Think Different - all 4 days from seed.

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