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I'm a new grower. Germinated some White Widow autoflower at the beginning of October.
Harvested my first plant yesterday. It was about 36" tall. It was so big I had to take it out of the 5' grow tent (which is the subject of another discussion... I'm thinking LEDs aren't strong enough).

Attached photos are the runt of the litter. It's about 18" - 20" tall. Just started showing trichomes about 10 days ago. I probably should have culled it... but didn't have the heart.

Looking at the buds, I'm wondering if it's going hermie on me. It has growths that look kind of like pollen pods... but it's also fairly frosty. The thicker white vertical protrusions have me wondering too.

The trichomes are still plenty glassy, so I'd hate to chop it prematurely. Still, it's such a runt it wouldn't be too big a loss. I mainly want to learn for future reference.


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perfectly normal... those are called calyxes. This is where a seed would grow if it were pollinated and if you squeeze them now they will be empty.


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Thanks! You've given HER a stay of execution (at least for a couple weeks)!
Hadn't seen that kind of growth on my others. I'd seen little curled leaves, but not entire structures.
Thanks, again!
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