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Hermies - Good or bad?


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So I just had a really good crop of the blueberry strain and noticed one of the plants had unusual yellow hairs. Unusual in that the other plants did not appear to have the same physical attributes. Any ways after drying and during the consuming stage noticed I have a few seeds in the budage. Not a lot... Maybe 5 seeds in a1/4 oz bud. My question is are the seeds worth anything? Will they be female? will they be hermies?. Does the Hermie gene affect the thc content at all? I'm getting conflicting stories on the web about how good or bad hermies are.. Looking for the scoop!


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I had to hermie my plant to cross it. If you don't back cross its more likely to hermie. I hermed my Dr grinspoon to cross it with triangle kush. Then cross to triangle kush again.


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If you have mature seeds then that means it hermied early in flowering and it's a true hermie. Those seeds will grow mostly hermie plants..

Plants that get all the way thru flowering without going hermie can be kept flowering way past their due date and will often then throw 'nanners. These can be saved and used to pollinate another female and the seeds from that union will be female and shouldn't hermie.

Hope that helps.

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