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Hermies or swollen Calyx?

Morda Grown

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Here some early stage pics of one of mine that turned out male, I do breed, or should I say play around with it. The only time I ever take a male to term is for the pollen. Unless you want every plant within 10 miles affected you need to know what the early signs look like.



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Hey what’s up?

Wow that’s a nice plant but that droop doesn’t look so good.

How old is the plant? What kind of grow media... is it soil or coco? Did you amend the soil? What size container? How often do you water? Are you adding nutrients or just giving her plain water?

it sure could be under watered - how long since last water session? If she is due then give her a drink and see how she responds but if she was just watered yesterday or Monday then it’s prolly root-bound.

She’s a tall drink of water that stretch is asking for more light but its kinda late fir that now. Might want to check light spacing on future grows. It looks like a whole lot of plant with a fairly small container and she is going into flower.... yikes! Might be good to upcan.

some of the leaves have that down taco look, can’t tell if that’s wilt or pest pressure - do you have a jewelers loupe or mini microscope? If not then maybe download smartphone app called magnifyer. Because of the magnification factor any loupe or scope is impossible to hold still, snip a few fan leaves and lay them upside down on a table, prop phone for stability then scope for mite eggs.
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