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Im new to growing but one things for sure...I GOT HERMIES!!! Now I know I cannot turn them back but I used a product called reverse by Dutch Masters as they say to, I am now starting week three of flower and I have picked all the male flowers off the plants TWICE...what a pain!! Im ready to give up but Im still looking for a glimmer of hope. Can I salvage this grow? Is this a waste of time? Someone please put me out of my misery or tell me I can still get something out of this? Any and all input is greatly appreciated..


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What to do with my "Hermied" plants

Well my first grow and 3rd week of flower and I cut them all down!! SUCKS...but my bad,I built my rooms brand new and all of the sudden the door to the flower room started leaking light thru. So ive cut them up and was thinking of making oil,or butter or something?Any suggestions? Im new to all this so something simple was what I was thinking to start off. I was also wondering if drying the leaves and buds in my veg room was a bad idea.POLLEN is my fear,as far as I can tell none of the male flowers opened up. That is if pollen is only released when the dreaded "nanners" open up? Or is it too late if nanners are visible? Can a vegging plant even be affected by the pollen? Any feedback would be very helpful.Thanx


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Re: What to do with my "Hermied" plants

I've never done anything with a plant that could pollenate except bag it, cut it, put in in the cab of a pickup truck, take it far beyond the property line and dump its a leaving it for dead.
Pollen is so easily transferred that my dad once lost a crop because his neighbor had male plants. And he was hundreds of yards away. For the sake of your next grow, i would leave those next to a green thumbed police officer's house.


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I wouldnt consider it a lost cause...just collect the pollen for future use or produce seeds in the females you have nearby.
If you were looking to smoke it all, yes, it might be a lost cause...but with cannabis its a 50% shot with non-feminized seeds. Thats why you play the odds...


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