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I have only had one hermie over my year or so of growing. It was a very wierd situation. Once it started showing sex it had nuts one one side and hairs on the other. This was not happening on all the sex sites, just some of them. So ill tell you what I did. I ripped all the nuts off. If I saw them i pinched them and pulled. After I did this there were no more nuts on the sex sites. I let the plant get to maturity and it was the biggest one I had, with nice buds. And there were no seeds in any of my bud. So I dont know if I had a true hermie or If this would work for other people. but just letting it out, hopefully this might be able to help with other hermies. Maybe they arent wasted plants after all.

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You took a chance and won. Easy to do when tending a small number of plants. I personally need to grow comepletely seedless crops and will not take a chance of a hermie destroying a crop. I don't mind selfing (when a plant herms toward the end of a flowering period like certain hybrid of skunk and widow) but even then it scares me cause I am sometimes going perpetual with my grows.


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i think i was two days too late . the bannannas were on the underside of the canopy were well hidden full of pollen. i have nuts all in my once beautiful nuggets now. i have since removed all visible sacs, but think im too late. should i try and salvage?? cut now and hope for the best ?or leave alone and let finish maturing? both seeds from the same bag turned out this way.not sure if genetics of stress,but very disappointing this far gone.

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i know lotsa people that would love to have some seedy bud. its all some people can afford. or find. i remember, it wasn't long ago. the grow team rocks and so do the members who help them out.
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