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Herpes/Shingles Salve


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I’d like to share a remedy I’m currently developing a salve to alleviate the symptoms of herpes, (kind of a THC/natural herb Abreva). It has significantly shortened my outbreak periods from weeks to days and lessens the pain of the blisters. In addition to that I’ve never had a blister erupt since I started using it. I’ve shared this among friends and there’s and there’s a widespread consensus as to its effectiveness. A friend of mine has also successfully used it to shorten the outbreak period and alleviate the pain of his Shingles outbreaks. The primary ingredients are a 1% solution of Melissa essential oil, and Cannabis infused coconut oil. Both Melissa and Cannabis have been documented as being useful against both Herpes and Shingles:

Topical uses of Melissa in Alleviating Herpes


Additionally I’ve added emu oil to enhance enhance absorption through the skin . I’ve also added a bee propolis/honey mixture both to boost the immune system, (the last might be superfluous, but it does taste good). My recipe is as follows:

1) Step 1 is the same procedure as if you were making canna-butter. Infuse a ratio two oz. of shake into 16 oz. of coconut oil and water in a crockpot for 12 hours. Strain off the shake and refrigerate. The oil will solidify on top. Discard water and reserve the oil.

2) Melt infused coconut oil from step #1 in a double boiler or microwave and add emu oil at a ratio 1 oz emu oil : 3 oz. infused coconut oil.

3) add bee propolis/honey 1:10 (combined oils)

4) Melissa essential oil (By Far the most expensive ingredient) 1:100 Be sure and use the good stuff from a reliable herbal supplier it should cost between $60 ~ $150 for a 5ml bottle.

5) Calendula essential oil 1:50

6) Spanish Melissa essential oil 1:50 This is the cheap adulterated essential oil of lemon balm. you'll find all over the internet. It might not be pure, but it smells almost the same.

7) Melt beeswax and add to mixture at a ratio 1:10 (add more beeswax if you want to use the salve as a lip balm.

This is very much of a work in progress and I'll keep you updated...
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