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He's Back! Kampia Reinstated By MPP


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Rob Kampia has returned to his position as executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project after a three-month suspension. Seven staffers resigned last year following his admission that he'd had sex with a female employee on Aug. 7.

Kampia has been in therapy since prior to his suspension by the MPP Board on Jan. 19. As predicted by some in the marijuana-reform community, Kampia resumes his duties just in time for 4/20.

In a recent interview, Kampia compared himself to Bill Clinton, who had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky while he was in office. "If Bill Clinton can keep his job and lead the most powerful country in the world afterwards, I assume that I would be capable of doing something simpler," he said.

Asked, "Isn't the tarnish on your reputation always going to remain a problem for you?" Kampia repsonded, "I think it will be as problematic for me as it was for Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinski situation."

The difference is whether the sex Kampia had with the staffer was consensual or not. She has yet to discuss the incident publicly.

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