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Well iv been trolling here for info for awhile now so thought i might as well join! I moved about a year ago from Colorado to the state im in now which is filled with Cannabis Nazis.... I have a few outside grows under my belt but now i have to go stealth mode. Currently I have a couple amnesia haze autos and a couple blueberry bliss autos that are 7 days old today (100% germ rate so far from vision seeds!). Keeping costs low are a must so iv got them in a 4x5x4-1/2 cab with 8 65w cfl`s (duel spec.) plus a few more to add later if needed. Keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes on everyone else`s cfl grows!

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Nice to see you posting on 420mag. Sorry to hear you left the mile high city. Very nice having 100% germ on your seeds. I look forward to see more on you grow. Keep it growing green


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:welcome: Pittbull72 to :420:. We are glad that you are here. I have found that some places require a great deal more stealth than some others. Look around and have fun. New Member Start Links has many interesting links. You may find things of interest there. A good place to look for answers to questions is Frequently Asked Questions. It is also a good place to ask questions if any should arise. Enjoy the day. :peace:
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