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hey all just a quick question thxs


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hi all ii ave a prob on 1 plant all other healthy it has wee red dots on leaves any ideas all the same soil thxs again all


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That's usually a calcium deficiency... but it can be caused by lots of things.. we need to know some information about your grow setup to help figure out where the problem is..

Are you in soil or hydro?
How old are the plants?
Room temp/ humidity?
Are you using Tap water / well water/ filtered water?
How often do you water?
Have you fed them anything?
If yes, what?
Are you checking the PH?



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1 week 6 days
28 c dont know humidity
tap water
when 3 or 4 inch is dry
ph is 6.8 sumtime 7

thxs for the help


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tap water can cause problems if you have "hard" water.. try bottled water for a little while and see if that helps.

Also, try and drop the PH of the water down to 6.0 - 6.5

What kind of soil are you using?
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