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Hey all

King Kilroy

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Hey im Chad. I only discovered this site a few days ago while looking for a cannabutter recipe and found out this is a great site. i will be trying my hand at growing this year and this site should be a great help. :yummy:


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Hello King Kilroy :welcome: You came to the right place for sure, 420 has the Very Best Growers, Growers Journals and the Best Cannabis related information anywhere. All in one tiny little package. Can we help you with anything? Look around, keep reading and post often. Some greats links for you to start.
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Welcome to the family Friend, See you in the forums! :roorrip: :peace:
Happy New Year!

Retired Two

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High King Kilroy and :welcome: to 420Mag!

Not only will this site be a big help but also the great people that inhabit it. You'll be able to find answers to almost all of your questions in the forums and if you can't just ask and you'll get help. Maybe not in a few seconds, (I mean were stoners right), but pretty quick as a rule.

Glad to see you and let all your friends in on your little secret. Not your new grow room tho. Only tell us about that by starting a grow journal and have a bunch of ganja gurus helping you through every step if you need it.

Lots of good luck in the New Year! :cheer: :bong: :peace:

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Welcome aboard friend! There's a lot of really great people here on this site who will bend over backwards to give you a helping hand! We all hope you decide to become a permanent member of this really nice community. I hope to see you out there!
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