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Hey all!


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hey guys and girls,

new user and hopefully new grower here. looking to start growing ASAP but in the stealth department. looking at some kind of enclosure either hydro or soil (not sure if they have E&F enclosures).

so far ive been looking at the "stealthy hydro grow box" (either soil or hydro) or the popular PC grow box.

im not looking to go big, just 6 plants or so, and to keep it small/odor free.

any help/suggestions is MUCH appreciated, cant wait to get growing, thanks all!!

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I went with growing with soil in my closet so I could close the main door to my bedroom when the grandkids or company came over. I don't know your set up area, but I have bi-fold doors on my closet and open them and a window during the day. I used a small cheap dollar store fan blowing on them for air circulation and to make the stems strong. I still use the same area to do my starters because they due better under flos to start but have since converted my old futon to a flowering area in our other bedroom. Start small....Don't over due until you get the hang of it. If you can afford to get a grow closet without putting yourself in debt then by all means do it but it doesn't have to be expensive to start.
I just used 2 of Menard's cheap florescent lights to start, but only got "popcorn size" buds the first time. So I got a 600W HPS that the ballast was able to turn down to different wattages and have been very happy with the outcome. But I also increased my Light bill by 50.00 a month. There are ways to keep the lights from getting to your buds during flowering time using a closet, you just have to use your imagination.
Happy growing! :thumb:


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thanks MV ^_^

and thanks mishap for the feedback, much appreciated. cost isnt to much of an issue to me, i just dont want to go over board.

like ive said just lookin to grow about 6 plants at a time or so, also to reduce size. my closet has two sliding doors to it and a window in the bedroom for during the day. so you wouldnt reccomend keeping them in a cabinet (PC box or fabricated grow box) all the time under CFLs or something.

I am an electrician/contractor so materials and building for this would be a blast, ive already read several other threads seeing one guy making his own out of old computer towers. Ive begun thinking of taking that and lining the whole tower with some kind of foil faced foam to reflect the light and keep outside light out and odor in.

My next biggest thing will be the grow container, if I should use soil like you reccomend or if I should invest in a small 2 plant E & F kit or just build a small hydro pot to fit inside the PC tower.

Thanks again for your feedback and would love any more input from anyone, anytime, thanks all!!!


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trunks DIY PC/speaker tower grow cabs are what im looking for idealy!! i wish i could do his speaker build!!! I just need to learn whats going on for his plants. the bucket he has them sitting in, i need a DIY for that, and the whole grow cycle bit haha. Yes im a newbie but you have to start somewhere!

Again any feedback/information is more than welcome!!


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Just remember when you start to bud them they will continue to grow. We put ours to bud at 2 1/2 ft tall and ended up with them being 3 3/4 ft in the end. You can also, depending on the type you grow, top them and when they split, spread the new "TOPS", out tying them down to the sides of the container. This way they will create more top buds instead of just one. You can keep them all the same length so the hormone that grows the bud will go to each equally.
As far as how you want to grow them "Have at it" and do whats best for your situation!


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Ya, I need to learn how to "TOP" my plants before im to far into it. Still havent started yet, Im still pouring over the forums trying to cover every square inch so that I wont hurt these little beauties. So far Ive decided for my first grow I want to go with DWC and that in itself raises 100000 questions haha.

Maybe also learn to scrog them, not sure if it will be worth it for lowryders, still need to find more info on them, such as final height from real growers.


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I was instructed by a man who's grown for 40+ years. If your not interested in topping the plant for starting new baby's to do it this way. He said" To pinch the stems about 2 inches down until you feel them Squish them let them droop over. It usually will not kill the top and it will cause the hormones in the plant to produce more shoots below the area that you pinched it. More branches = more bud. Try to keep them all the same height and the bud hormone will take care of them all. Thats how I turned my trees into bushes.


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The strain that you grow matters sometimes too. I also have a limited area and I find that sativa dominant strains are very hard to manage even when topping them. My afghani skunk can be kept under 24 inches and yield just under an ounce of cured buds. I am currently flowering a Jack Herer topped once, that is 4 weeks away from harvest and at 28 inches.
I gotta try that pinching technique, Mishap, that may be just the recipe for my area.
That's the great thing about this site, always learning.
Happy 4/20!


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Just another thought. I have pinched them as low as halfway down the plants height. If it's already 'woody" instead of fleshy' I try bending them and tying them to hole in the sides of the pots. One of my other hobbies is sewing so I use a very long needle (3 inches) I have to go through the soil with a heavy embroidery thread to pull them down. But if the plant area has already turned woody be careful you don't split the branch from the trunk. If you happen to do this don't worry to much but as fast as you can push it back up to the trunk and brace it with a strong twist tie back together and the plant will heal it's self in about 10 day's.
Believe me I've made some HUGE screw ups with my baby's and they may have looked ragged on for awhile but they forgive me and mother nature brings them back.:MoreNutes:


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To aaliya:
Sorry I didn't get back with your post. You can pinch it almost anywhere but in a new plant I just pinch just below a new growth. I also put another way I do it and a fix if you screw it up back on the same page.
By the way welcome to 420! :thumb:
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