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Hey everyone! I'm Backkkkk :)


Hey guys!
I know its been soooo long since Ive made myself known, but low and behold, Im back to stay! I have been through alot of life changing events since I last showed up here, but the good news is Im okay and never better! thanks for everyones understanding and support!

drop me a line! I am looking forward to rejoining my 420mag family :)

devils letuce

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Re: Hey everyone! IM BACKKkkk :)

welcome to :420:

This is an awesome site to explore and learn how to grow killer marijuana. be sure to start a new journal its worth it .welcome back to the best site online .Check out my signature below for some great links and our monthly contest that u can vote in ..

:lot-o-toke: devils letuce :thumb:
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