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Hey everyone iv never introduced myself


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Hey everyone my name is Richard I am a disabled vet that enjoys growing. I love this site because of all the togetherness and how if I ever have a bump in the road on my plants you guys are always quick to help. Thank you everyone hope to hear from yall I have a grow going now in my sig check it out!


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Sweet!! Nice to meet you my name is Monica., Thank you for your service!! I'm just starting my first grow it's amazing!!
:welcome: Monica! Great to have you here. This is the best site to find knowledge of all things cannabis! Starting a grow journal is a great way for us to get help from the tons of expert experienced growers here. And I have some links you may find helpful at the bottom in my signature. Good Luck! :peace:


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I appreciate your willingness, motivation, and drive to grow these wonderful plants. There can never be enough, thank you! :)

...good luck to your grow as well, CannabisLuv, and welcome! :welcome:



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Hey man, just keep going with that...you are into this for quite a long time so, looking forward to get some of your oppinion on my journals.
CannabisLuv, why dont you make a Journal with your grow, I woul love to see the development of your first grow :) And that's the best way for people around here to help you ;)

devils letuce

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welcome to :420:!!

dont feel bad i was a member here for a good while before i introduced my self ! thank u for your service .. hope to see u again somewere in the threads of this site .. check out my links below in my signature to help u navigate this huge site .


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Happy Veteran's Day..thank you for your service..

I'll be subbing to ur journal..

Hello Monica ...welcome to you as well
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