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I'm new to the forums and new to blazing. I smoked my first 2 blunts last night, but didnt get any feeling from them. Is it that its just the weed or maybe im not inhaling long enough?


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lol....umm, either someone got you with a bag of oregano, or you just don't know how to smoke...no offense, but how do you not "inhale enough", that has never been a prob with me.

Check ya shit, make sure its right, even take a pic if you can.

Welcome to 420! :)))


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2 blunts shoulda got you flyin hella high. I think you got had brotha


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damn what a waste! Sometimes when I smoke with a friend that isn't real into smoking, they dont usually catch that much of a buzz. And If I do, I know they should since I smoke all day every day. but um..If you smoke again just make sure you are blowing some smoke out after each hit. Hold the hits in for a while too. You should have a decent buzz after just like 5 hits. I can get a good buzz for 5 hits of mersh and I've been smoking for a while...just make em count! Good luck catchin that buzz!
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