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Hey Folks!


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Hey guys. Saying hello from Ireland. :rasta: How are things my brothers? I'm a complete newbie to this game. Haven't tried to grow anything yet, so I will be taking this wealth of knowledge in! Been smoking for about 7 years now, living the life. :bong:

Pleased to meet you.


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:hmmmm:Irish huh? ..............Well now , I happen ta have a little Irish blood in me myself ! :allgood: Welcome to the forums ! ..........:60:


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Really? Hmm this is excellent news! :37: What part of you is Irish?
My mother says I'm 1/4 on her side . Probably true since I have a blood clotting disease called Factor 5 Lydon . Comes only from a certain part of Ireland . I can't for the life of me , remember where though . :hmmmm: And I also have a hankering for real Irish redheads . ........My wife says that's when my blarney stone shows ........:laugh2::laugh2::60:


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Heyyy welcome buddy...

i'm hoping to start my second attempt at growing SOOON too...hopefully wen my house is fixed up...

but anyways theres definitely alot of help and friendly advice around here from experienced growers...

anyways welcome again!
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