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Hey Gang!

Just checking in and saying thank you for all of the great feedback from all of the members. My post lately are from my first semi serious grow. Had 3 plants. Cat ate one of them... lol (so pissed) Had 2 left. My first plant is a foxtail quake and the other is coming along nicely. However pretty sure I burnt her than made her deficient from flushing. Or if any of you have opinions I would love to hear them. Sorry for the long introduction. Thank you!



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Thank you Backlipslide! She ate a seedling...
Then ran around like an idiot. I do and can make beats. Just don’t have like a catalog of beats.
Very cool! One of my best friends from high school produces his own beats, working on his 5th album, and toured across Canada twice.

I’ve dabbled a bit into making beats my self, then my computer crashed... haven’t made anything since. I wasn’t very good at it anyways... if I kept at it, I might have got better but, again my computer crashed lol.

The Bard

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Just wanted to add my welcome!

Nice looking plants you have there. I got foxtailing at the end of my first grow as well, but only on a couple of plants. I think it was genetics more than environment. Didn't see to hurt anything.

Sorry about the cat-thief!

Good luck!
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