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Well we'd like to take a minute to ask all of our Grow Room members and participants a question. We'd like your honest opinion and a frank discussion on this, so please help the site and participate please.

What is/are your opinion(s) of our "links to other sites" rule?

Please give us thoughts, examples, ideas, and opinions. And questions if you don't know about our link rules.

Thanks for your help!
Oops! Sorry I guess that would be a good thing to know. Basically if it links out of this site to a "Non-sponsored" vendor/supplier (not advertizing or financially supporting 420Magazine) site, or links out to another forum, the Mods will delete the URL. Simple as that.

This is being an unwritten rule for Mods that falls under #7 in the site rules.

This topic was started with the permission and guidance of the 420, and we want to know what the public thinks.

Thanks for your input!
Akorn, You know my veiw on this subj. we've discussed it before.

But, for those who don't know. Knowledge is Knowledge! if another source is able to get the point across better or simpler or in other words or with pics or with Video just so that one person may ubderstand a technique, so what if it's on a competitors site?

Maybe you'll have a miracal like in the movie "miracal on thiry fourth Street" you know when Santa started sending folks from Macy's to Gimble's etc.>)
This is a tough topic. I understand 420's point of trying to only back the sponsors. But for instance, If someone asks the question. Does anyone know any reliable sites for ordering seeds? Well, I've only ordered from 1 site that happens to not be a site sponsor. I've had great transactions from this particular seed company. I definately would reccommend them. But, since they're not a sponsor I would have to keep it to myself.

I've ordered ALOT of growing equipment from another site which also is not a sponsor. So, when someone asks the question about ordering grow equipment online I won't be able to help them out with a reliable site that I myself have experience with. I wouldnt feel comfortable telling someone to use a certain site simply because they happen to be a sponsor unless I myself have used them on numerous occasions without any problems.

If at all possible I would suggest that the grow mods and grow support be the one's to order from these sponsor sites. If there experience with them is good then they should be the one's to promote the sponsor sites. It looks alot better when a grow mod or support member promotes sponsor sites anyway. As for the average member. I wouldn't pay to much attention about who they promote in regards to censoring them.

Just my 2 cents
I think I am begining to understand as to why these links would be a problem. If I placed a link to a site that carries a bowl, and that generates traffic to that site and sales, and that site now has free advertising. Meanwhile we might have sponsered sites that carry that bowl. This could be a problem. Then again, MJ and the related are not real accepted, and its can be difficult to get new info and such. . . and this would be the ideal place to get it. I guess it would be nice to just get them all to sign on as sponsors. . . problem solved. .lol:laughtwo:

So bottom line, I understand as to why we shouldn't, but it's a pain in the ass to learn about new and different products otherwise. . .:peace:
the cream always rises to the top and if the vendors truly have superior products then the consumer will most likely buy from them. same goes with the forums, ive searched long and hard for a chill forum like 420 here and id have to say that anybody who enjoys the finer points of the ganj will know this forums is better than others. helping people out happens to be one of the finer points so we should be able to guide people to a place that will help them.
While I totally respect your right to enforce whatever rules you feel necessary, this seems like one I could do without. By all means, stop spammers from blatantly advertising all over the site, but if it's in response to a particular question, ie, "Where do you order seeds from" "Who carries nice glass pieces" "Who has the cheapest HPS", I don't see a problem with letting people answer honestly. I'm sure there are enough people on here who DO use the sponsors that they'd be represented properly in those threads as well.

I guess it depends on what your advertisers are paying for. The publicity of being officially endorsed by this site (which lends a lot to credibility and trust), or the rights to be the ONLY site mentioned on the pages?
There are hundreds of other istes that offer tons of great info. You would be limiting the education and potential savings of money to members by limiting links to legitimate sites peratining to 420.

This would be a small gripe on my part:
The links you offer in the "SPONSERED" sites list is very limited and all of them are way over priced. I don't shop at those sites because of that. One even advertises as the best deal on the net for seeds and is actually one of the most expensive.

If I find a great deal on something....................shouldn't all 420 members be able to share in it?

Offering "OTHER" vendors links spurs competition for business and eventually lower prices. The American way.

Just my opinion...............I'll still be playing in this sand box. :)

LOVIN 420 Mag.

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