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Been a lifelong fan of cannabis. Had to stop in highschool because of a bad trip one time. Fast forward 20 years later, married to a beautiful woman who has some medical conditions that only cannabis can touch. So, I'm gonna start a small grow for her so we can save tons of money and have fresh product and of course be able to go through the day with little to no pain.

Been watching a lot of different grow videos and articles and found the way I want to grow. Coco with organic amendments. Looks easy with minimal upkeep. Want to use the electric sky 300 as my light source. I have several questions about my setup but I want to post and introduce myself first so I can get to reading all the other post for more info. Oh, also we are looking at Auto flowers, they didn't have these things in high school! Lol.


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Hi and welcome to 420 Magazine :5:
It is beautiful that you want to grow to heal :)
Please read the "helpful links for new members" in my signature below.
Also, Emilya 's tutorials have good advice and info.
SweetSue's Threads, full of medical info and more.
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