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Hey guys new here with problems


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Thank you for having me and hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can put my mind at ease haha.

So here's a bit about the grow
2m x 2m x 2m tent
1x 4 inch inline fan exhausting
1x 4 inch inline fan inlet
2x internal fan on low settings
3x mars hydro ts1000 lights started on 25% as seedling now lights are on 50%
Plants since seed hatched are 30 days old
Strain is stardawg autos.
I was just watering with tap water until I realised the pH was 8! So for the past week it has gotten pH 6.5 water as I use biobizz pH down.
I also add 1ml per litre of biobizz fix mix as feed every water.
I am giving them approx 400ml of water every 3 days as the soil dries on the top only but always damp below.
Soil has lots of perlite in it.

Lights are on 20 hours off for 4 hours
Lights are 25 inches from the tip of the plants

I had some extremely tiny white bugs and a week ago I sprayed the tent and plants down with Dr schimmel spider mite killer and no bugs seen at all since.

So a rocky start

Problem I am having and I have no idea if its normal but the new growth looks twisted and very thin leaves. Also just looking for a bit of comfort or criticism on how they look.

There is 13 plants in there I know this is to many but I have 2 other tents identical and will be splitting them all up in a week or 2 but was saving on electric while they was small. All tents have 4 lights in as will this one soon.

I have ordered some pipe cleaners as the ties in using at the moment I have very lose as there not ideal
Thank you for your time









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Watering too frequently - it’s perfectly fine for soil to dry out all the way down for most soil types the only exception would be living organic soil. Plants that size should be able to go 5 to 7 days easy with no water added. When soil dries out the roots send out tiny root hairs to search for water, this help build stronger root ball. Soil grown plants need to see both ends of the wet / dry cycle. BRB with link How to water a potted plant

The leaves have that funky waxy appearance that makes me think the mites are not gone. Either one of these ($12 jewelers loupe or $35ish wifi mini microscope) are handy tools in the garden. Snip a fan leaf and scope underside for mite eggs. Some types of mites are beneficial predators but others are total pests
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Well I look at things way differently, so take it for what you will because I am pretty much the opposite from everyone else.
I've never bought into this dry your medium bone dry nonsense regardless what medium you're in.
That just isn't good for roots.
And if it takes a week for your medium to dry then your best bet would be to throw it out and start over with something that needs to be watered more regularly, preferably daily.

In your case you're only giving them 14oz of water every 3 days in a medium that is very aerated.
If anything id water them more from the sound of it.
It may be that 3 weeks of pH 8 water might have screwed them up.

And being as that they are autos ANY little thing will mess them up.
At 30 days they should be about 5x that size.

Here's my last autoflower that I grew and just my last autoflower period, I despise them and won't be wasting any more time on them because they're just too touchy.

I see zero signs of mites.
You probably had spingtails

But this was at 30 days.

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