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hey every one ive been reading posts here for a few days now and decided to join.

this seems like a great place, lots of info, cool ppl, hope to get to kno yall ill be around

i have jus started my first grow and have learned alot from this place already


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Hey there BigSlim:welcome:to 420Mag! We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and Information across the universe. Please feel free to :surf: Our https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? I will provide some links to our Legal MMJ Gardens that will blow your mind. These and all 420Mag members will be happy you dropped by to say hello. If there is anything we can assist you with please let us know. Have a great and safe time and see you on the boards.
Here you grow:
Captain Kronic's Medical Dirt Grow
Kron's 2010 Summer to Fall Medigrow
OldMedMans's 3rd Grow AirPots and 6 Strains
Irishboy's 1080w GLH Inferno
Lavendars'-Continual Harvest-5th Grow
Chromes Gone Hempy: "Kushberry" + Bagseed/Bagseed Clone: CFLs!

Matanuska Valley

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welcome if you need help please feel free to pm me an ask any Questions... :wood:
I have only been here for a week now... :popcorn:
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