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Hey, im new to growing can anyone tell me if im doing okay?


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Hey guys im new to growing and, i recently planted a plant, and i have no idea what strain it is. It's got a purpley stem. Heres some photo's its about 3-5 days old.


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P.S. are you using mulch? ha
use some good fox farm ocean forest its loaded with all the nutes u need for the first couple weeks since u cant use liquid fert. till they mature.


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Haha noo.. The plant is getting really big now and is growing more leaves. im using miracle grow shit since thats all i had. lmao. ill post pics later

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If that Miracle Grow shite (I'm presuming that is the soil you are using) is the kind w/the slow release nutes... proceed carefully till you transplant into some neutral type of soil... I don't recommend slow release nute soil myself.

I second that Captain... :rollit:

MV... :peace:


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You're not gonna know the strain until it flowers. You'll have to see, smell, taste it etc.. And if this is your first grow, you're bound to make some mistakes.. so you may never know what strain this is... But you'll know if you did a good job once it's in your bowl with a lighter between your fingers.

Good luck!


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aye make sure u keep ur light close as possible to ur plant u dont want it tall short nd bushys the best way 2 do it nd checc out this vid on youtube.com its called ready set grow lays out most basic things to do anf wat kinda soil and the three mane nutrients checc it out teach u alot more and good luck nd post sum more pics

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You know what ihavenoidea no matter what you do just keep it fun @ first...:thumb:
After 1 or 2 grows do something a little different and change it up a little until your happy with what you can do... :yummy:
Keep it as easy as possible and fun and as time go's you will get better... :goodluck:

I have grown for a few years now in dirt or soil what ever you want to call it, all I do is used florescent 4 foot shop-lights t8's no nutrients in Veg stage @ all only in flowering and I use only bat Guano or Alaskan emulsion it's fish fertilizer...:rollit:
I don't want a bunch of chemicals in my cannabis period but I want a decent yielding plant (( 3 OZ's )) or better...!
If you get a chance I have a few photos in the gallery here @ 420 you can see my plants there...
I don't want home runs, I want to hit Grand Slams... :yahoo:

MV... :popcorn:

Captain Kronic Thank you and back @ you brother... :high-five:


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Okay, so this is the progress its done. I transplanted it into a bigger pot. Also, today before i transplanted it i noticed yellowing of the end of the leaves, and the new leaves growing. I'm really paranoid, can anyone tell me whats going on?



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Im practically going to keep a grow journal. I'm new and i need lots of help, so posting pics along the way and having people tell me what to do helps. :D. Thank you guys!
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