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Hey, man - You got a nickel bag?


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Yeah, it's been a while since I used. I'm a 59 yo hydroponic gardener and supporter of the MM referendum coming up in November here in FL. I'm a retired biology/chemistry teacher and have seen kids effed up on fake stuff like K2, so IMO legalization would help rid of all the garbage out there that young nuckleheads are too quick to light up.

I found this site while researching LED lights which I've begun using which are replacing T5s. I have a 2 Solar CLW Flares (200 and 110) which have made impressive improvements in my grow. I looking to start growing bigger crops- tomatoes, cukes, etc., and am trying to figure out what to use.

A doctor friend of mine, about my age, is looking to get into the MM biz should the law pass. He wants to retire from practice before Obummer care gets into full swing.

From my reading so far, you guys have a lot of info and I look forward to learning more.


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Re: Hey, man. You got a nickel bag?

:welcome: Mike82! I'm relatively new to this myself and I can tell you... the cumulative knowledge I've found on this site is incredible!
But what I've found to be the very best feature of this site is how willing the members are to help. :peace: Good luck and don't be afraid to dive right in.

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Re: Hey, man. You got a nickel bag?

welcome to:420: u have came to the right place .. we have plenty of current and finished successful l.e.d grows


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Re: Hey, man. You got a nickel bag?

Welcome aboard

you should have been able to score killer off your students,lmao

OR made a killing :blunt::slide::3:
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