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Hey - Newbie here - Wanted to say hi and ask for info


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Hi all, I'm Michael from Maine. Enjoy outdoors and restoring old vehicles, barns and homes love seeing the beaten down art works of life shine again. I currently work in a hospital and am looking to make a quality of life pipe for cancer patients so I am asking for your help...

I am working on an idea and need to fine wholesale parts for pipes. Low-lead Brass, possible glass (but the glass needs to open at both ends) and polycarbonate (same need as glass with ends).

I have found the correct size brass and polycarbonate tubing, but am having a really hard time finding the correct size end caps and fittings.

Any information to connect with wholesalers or manufacturers is greatly appreciated.

I haven't been involved with smoke since high school, this is cool!


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Thank you...that is a good idea, except the local shops due to the small quanities are charging $25.00 per fitting and with 4 to 6 fitting per pipe the cost to the patient is close to $200.00 per pipe, they cannot afford that (and that is without cost margin to pay anyone to make and box them) I am hoping there is a manufacturer that makes these in bulk already to make them cost affordable for those that need them.


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Hi Mainely,
If you know the specific OD and ID of of the pieces you are looking for you may try just googling "machine shops that produce brass fittings with these OD and ID sizes"
I know its a long shot but thats the best I got.. sorry
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