Hey what's up everyone!


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Hey guys ! well iam 24 years old aim from los angeles currently working press operator
i like smoking i started mi first grow a few months ago to save a little extra cash and for personal use and now i really like it and enjoy it and want to keep on growing and learning a teach others also posting herer and making my videos sharing my knowledge and i dont know just grow and make the best :thumb:


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Hi there! Welcome to the 420 family.

I'm also in Southern California and relatively new (started last year). And once I started I couldn't stop. So addicting and rewarding to grow my own medicine instead of relying on the market.

I would definitely recommend starting a journal and sharing this Grow with the family. I'm 2 weeks into flower outdoors (trying a winter bud) and have a tent with 3 girls ready to flip and a few clones. Will be trying a perpetual Grow with mothers, clones, new seeds etc...

Use the forums for mutual benefit and have a great Grow!

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Thank you! It is addictive ha! Noe I want to get and start with everything good for my next grow planing to get a better led or maybe hps I don't know yet ✌✌

I will post a journal and try to keep it updated and share all the process with the 420 family and yeah! Ha ha
Good luck with your grow ill chek it out if you post ✌✌✌✌

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