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Hey, what's up family?


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My maryjane family..what's up everyone? I'm Peter from Flatbush Brooklyn, 20 years old, right now i'm working as an electrician til' i figure out what i want to do. I'm new here so I wanted to introduce myself, last but not least, I smoke kush and haze every day, thats all it ever is. Well i started this account mainly for grow advice, so hopefully i can find that here, as well as some entertainment. PEACE:peace::allgood::bong:


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welcome! im sure you'll like it here and find lots of grow advice:cool027:


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heheh. you'll definitely find alot of great help here. everyone i've ever talked to is nothing but friendly.

welcome buddy

Happy Kitty

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Welcome to the forum, PM. You came to the right place for info. Lots of experienced and smart people here to help. I hope you'll keep posting. It's a great site.

Peace and happiness
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