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Hey all
I have got a tiny stash of weed in bottle of vape and obviously i don't want whole world and its wife to know what's in my bag but i also want to make a statement as being this is the new me now. How can i make myself look a stoner without drawing too much attention, my general clothes i wear for daily for daily life aren't exactly interesting. What can i start with to slowly make statement?

Has anyone got any tin suggestions or should I just a buy vape kit and carry that around with me.

Is there any do's and don'ts? I don't want police linking my fashion sense together.
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I mean I wear some green socks with the weed logo on and I also got bob Marley t shirt I love and an iPhone case is coming tomorrow to start with and have seen a nice 70s hippy bag im going to order tonight/tomorrow. Its only a couple of quid but i shoul do the trick. Im gonna network with the girl from the mental health cafe next week.