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Im new to this and new to growing. Im here because my boyfriend is growing in our walk in wardrobe/cupboard and I feel I should be a part of it, or at least get a basic education.

I used to smoke, but it doesnt bother me anymore, recently moved to a new county where I know no-one, so its thin on the ground, that could have something to do with it..but ive have never had much knowledge.

Ive learnt a lot from reading bits and pieces 'over his shoulder', but I feel ready to ask my own questions!

Dont worry, i'll be reading a lot before I post, so you wont get lots of basic questions that will probably drive everyone mad! :allgood:
Hopefully i'll get my own plants going soon that will kick the ass of his! :headbang:


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Awwww...I have heard only praise about you from your man ;)

And ask away! I ask questions whenever I'm confused about anything! If nobody asked for clarification when they were unsure, they would never get anywhere. Everyone here is more than willing to help, especially for Lord Mong's main squeeze. I hope you stick around - I love having more girls active on the forum!


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Welcome my dear to this august body of cosmic stoners and MMJ patients who seek peace between plant & government and the people in the middle. I will vaporize a fine Sour Diesel bud in honor of your new membership.:smoke2:


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Welcome :)

you'll definitely find alot of friendly advice. everytime i ask something it gets replied within a couple hours max. and good thing is ther are ALOT of experienced growers here.

hope you stay with us
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