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Hi 420!


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I just wanted to introduce myself as I've been reading the forums for about a months and recently signed up.

You guys all seem like an awesome bunch with some really good tips. Light Addicts tips and tutorials are great and some of the things I'd like to try in the future, like fluxing and back budding.

I'm not a smoker of cannabis but I don't have a problem with people who do smoke it, or grow it (unless it's on an industrial scale to fund criminal activity) I'm an avid gardener and I have grown a lot of fruit and vegetable, and I also have a collection of bonsai trees.
My reason for growing is that I would like a challenge. I know for the best and biggest harvests a lot of patience, knowledge and care needs to go into it, which I think will be a good test of my skills. and the epic harvests of course.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a few pictures and/or journals and recieve direct advice from the more experienced growers on the forums.
Nice to meet you.


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If it wasn't for Miss Jane I would likely be a terrible gardener. I would of also never really found my deep love of gardening without her!

Now that I've said my bit haha :welcome: your going to have fun, I hope your going to try new things, and I wish you a bountiful harvest!

Can't wait to see a grow journal!
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