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Hi all can anyone help me?


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Hello thanks for reading my post, let me tell you why im here iv just started my 1st grow only two plants but i notice a problem with the leave it has like brown dots on some of them they are budding ok i think but just thinking is this a big problem again this all new to me iv done a little bit of researching but i not sure any help/advice will be greatfull thanks for reading.:thanks:


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Re: Hi all can anyone help me???

First.. :welcome: You've come to the right place for growing knowledge. :) I can tell you that it is much easier for those experienced growers to help us when we post some photos. I've found many answers for my first grow using the frequently asked questions and search sections. Also, when I posted a journal of my grow the old timers here came out of the woodwork to help me out :) Good luck with your grow and again, welcome! :peace:

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