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Hi all i need awareness.lol

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hi 420 ppl ..actually ive never grown not even a tomato...lol is been on my mind for years now but my location nyc shoot those dreams down quick ... i want a mentor a motivator an advisor .. so ive choose you guys in 420mag for the help hope my weight aint heavy for you guys since i am going to need a walk tru i am not sure when ill be starting my first project but the more info i take in the chance of me growing increase ty all in advance >>>>>>i have a feeling that this is a power move joining this site ...so on that note let me clear my throat :roorrip:
thats where i started if you go cultivation and to growers forums you'll find many who could help a mod might give you a few links i would but dont know how lol:roorrip: peace
:ciao: Hey there novice :welcome:
Are you a Yankee Fan? Cause I'm Not. ;)
Brother you have found the place that is going to teach everything...420!
Where the Best Grower and Folk alike hang your hat.
First time Huh? Well keep in mind we were all first timers too.

And see what is Possible,
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Here is a Link that touches all the Bases,
420 Magazine ®

Look it over, take your time the worst thing to do is to Rush into Growin'.
Read, Read and ask your Questions.

Here another good Starting Link,
420 Magazine ®

We are here for you My Friend. :cheer:
It's a Exciting time for you, Take it slow.
We will be looking for you in the Forums...Ok? :thumb:
Later. :peace: :bong:
..actually ive never grown not even a tomato...
Use bagseed or Nirvana's gear to start.
:welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for being part of a good thing.
This site has all you need to become an outstanding cannabis grower.
So please don't be lazy and read and reread.
When I started growing indoors, I read 4 books 2 or 3 times each and lurked OverGrow. After that I still had to pay my dues.
If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.
:goodluck: to you!