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Hi all

Vlad tInhaler

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Hey guys
good to be here.
Just started my first grow and need some advice on a suspected Calc deficiency ( due to PH lvl)?
Plant at first week and in soil no nutes as yet.
Any help gratefully received


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Hi and Welcome Vlad to :420: :welcome: Love your nickname, cool :thumb:

As Spimp says, we need to see some pics. I'd be surprised if week old plants have any deficiencies though, they don't really uptake nutes at that stage. Maybe strictly a ph problem? I fight with those myself as well as hard water issues.

You might also want to take a look at New Member Start Links which have lots of good information about posting and navigating the sites. And FAQs is a great place to look for answers and ask questions.

Great to have you onboard Vlad! Have a canna-tastic day. :)



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hello and welcome
i like to use distilled water for the first part of my patients life,it tests at 6.5- 7.0
seems to work well on the little ones
good luck and take care
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