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So to begin with I'm from the great NW, born and raised. i love it here, within a few hours drive you can go from the ocean, to the desert, to camping out in the woods. anyways, i've been searching through 420 magazine for some time now. probably somewhere over a year, going from topics ranging from types of grows (indoor, outdoor, hydro, soiI, aeroponics, etc) to types of nutes, to best spaces to utilize and a of the different parts to having a successful grow. one thing i have noticed (and one of the reasons i decided to join 420 mag) is a lot of awesome people here and an abundance of good information. currently i am not growing. i do have a state mmj card so it is legal for me to possess and to grow when the time arrives. me and my wife are taking to a real estate agent to move into our own home so i can start this. i've been wanting to grow since i first started smoking at 14. so my pan is to purchase a house with a 2 or 3 car garage for my grow. i have been following around TheCapn for some time now and i really like the way he decided to grow and i think it would be the best way to utilize my area and also utilize my pant count. i am restricted to pant count with my mmj card but i'm hoping growing his method and gaining some real experience will definitely hep me become a successful grower. we guys and ladies i don't want to bore you too much but thank you for reading. i appreciate it = ) :volcano-smiley:

btw sorry for the poor grammar
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Hey Pantagruel, thank you for the tips and im excited to see it unfold as well. it has been a very canna-tastic day! now i just want to watch my seahawks beat the packers.

HIYA Lion!!! thank you.

Stay medicated my friends :volcano-smiley:


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Great intro. Welcome to 420!
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Hey MaPilot, thank you for the welcome. I plan on checking out your first grow. Looks like I might be a bit late on it though = ) I'm going to read through it anyways if it is. Thanks again!

Stay medicated! :439: