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hi everyone.first post on the site


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Re: hi everyone..first post on the site

Hi insane09, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
I'm glad you found us. Hope you enjoy your stay.
If we can do anything for you let us know. This site is packed full of information.
If you need help contact a member of the Hospitality Team.
I'll see you around the forums. :peace:


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Re: hi everyone..first post on the site

Hey insane09, :ciao:
How you doing?
How's it growin'? :yahoo:

:welcome: to the 420 Community the place where dreams come true. See,

Everyone of those pictures were grown by 420 members.
Talk about dreams Huh? Wonderful simply wonderful this plant called Cannabis really is. :yummy:

You growin Brother?
What going on in Columbus? :50:
Stick around and share your thoughts, Visits the grow Journals, Get to know some Great People while your at it. :thumb:
So We will see in the forums...Ok Bobby?
Enjoy. :roorrip:
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