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Hi everyone, I'm a 1st year grower and support medical all the way, as well as a recreational smoker

So like I said 1st yr growing, we acually rescued some baby Gorilla Glue #4. They were left to dry up and die. We got a hold of them and acted fast. With determination and a peeked interest we came up with a system that was portable easy to setup and effective. They went in about 8 weeks late, dry as a tumble weed. We did it though, as of now 4 plants that late have yielded 50 - 60 gms of some of the best weed I was buying for $ 12 - #15 a gm..known as middle and top shelf pot.
I wanted to thank everyone here on 420 forum, yr have been a great help. Right now our project is to clone our ladies while in bud cycle and have been for about 4 weeks. I just read up on it and going to get er done! Any advice or experienced guidance is welcome.
DrBudRescuePhDnTHC -✌


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Nice looking stash you got yourself, Doc.
Nice one.
:welcome: to :420:
We like it. We hope you do too.

On your clones - they’ll be what’s called ‘monster croppers’. Cuts taken in flower tend to be very branchy and good yielders. They may take longer than usual to root though.
Are you thinking of starting a journal at all?
It’s a great way to share ideas, network with other growers, and get help when things don’t go right. If you start one up please tap me in with a @DonkeyDick and I’ll be able to find ya.
Cheers :)
I just need yr opinion..herd are pics of my last two plants. One for clones and the other for yield. Not bad for 60$ investment. We'll be good through till January. Any way, I think these are different strains. Or is it because it got hit with frost early? Thanks


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Hey ya. There are leaf issues with each plant, but different for each plant too at a glance. So I’m not game to say if they look the same or not. Why not take a cutting of each to be safe?
Where is your journal at? There is a link in the 420 welcome pack that tells you how to load your signature with links - have a hoon around and see if you can suss it out.
I’ll be back on in an hr or two.

John Wick

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Heya DrBud, welcome to the forum.
Mr Donkey D is pointing out some trouble with your two ladies that should be addressed.
Is there any chance you can take a couple of photos of the discolouration on your leaves?
This way it will help us, help you better.

Green day's, comedy and peace to you. :snowboating:
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