Hi everyone! I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! Guidance please!


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Hi everyone! So I'm starting my very first grow in a few days! (very excited :)

I bought a grow kit ebay jobby which consists of a 600W HPS, extractor fan and carbon filter. Pretty standard! I also purchased a little cooling fan. In addition I also purchased biobizz grow/bloom and topmax, PH up and down/tester, pots etc etc!

So I think I'm ready to go!

I've been thinking about doing one for awhile but have put it off due to living in the UK, and the general consensus of the 'sheeple' being that cannabis is a bane on society! But fuck um man!

Oh and my seeds of choice were 5 8 ball kush seeds and I have a free 'cheese' seed! I've read a kush journal on here which made me all the more excited!

So yeh, I'll attempt to start a journal when the little beauts pop their heads up! Just to reiterate I'm an absolute noob, I've never grown anything at all! Anything!

Help is welcome, very welcome!

Tom :thanks:

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Hey there and welcome to 420 mag.
Sounds like your all set. You didn't mention what soil you will be using? I'm in the uk also growing with the Biobizz trio and allmix soil. Pop by my journal and say hi.


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Hi man,

Yeh soil is something I haven't purchased yet, my friend has offered me a bag of his to start which he says is Canna Nute soil. Is it worth investing in the biobizz soil or do you think I'll be ok?

I want my grow to go as smoothly as possible so if its needed I will purchase it, but I do love a freebie!

I'm subbed to your grow and will take a peak! I've also started a journal, I'm unsure how to link it but here is the URL - First Ever Grow - Soil - 8 Ball Kush & Cheese Journal - 2016


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Hey Jolly fellow UK'er here to, im using a homebase grow bag with added perlite, nutes im using bobizz grow and bloom. Im running a 250watt HPS and ive got 2 2 foot high bushes after doing low stress training. You sound like your all set to go and im sure will get all the help you need and more here!


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I was stoned when wrote it haha!

I dont get paranoid about the grow, ive made sure my heat is managed and smell is suppressed. Only a few people know about it in my real life. I just draw such a minimal amount of attention, ive not by passed my electric meter so supplier thinks im a normal user if i didnt have my lights running im a super low power user.

For sure ill sub your journal
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