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Hi everyone. Need your help


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Hi I'm new to this just had quick question if anyone can help me or private message me that would be great. I'm running a under current 12buckets 12/12 lighting all at 750watts only 7 are on right now worried about heat stress. My ppm 510 and ph 6.0. Bringing fresh air my plants are at 42 inch height, healthy white roots and i feel like they should be drinking at least 10-15 gallons a day. Sometimes they drink water only but the ppm doesn't go down and the ph goes up around 6.2-6.3.

Food: 1ml /per gallon of all my mutes . It's a 100 gallon water system so two 55 gallon drums.

A & B aqua flakes
Cal mag/ full mag half and half 2ml
Bud candy 2ml
Big bud at 10ml (3week required)
Pro silicate 1ml
Zone 1ml
B52 1ml

After putting new food, I put about 75ml of A & B to made it to 510 and I go up use every day a 5-10ml to get the ppm up my plants are healthy but the ppm stays and they drink water only. If you can help me I would appreciate this. Thank you


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I dont really understand your question... You are adding nutes to your res to get 500 ppm, and your expecting the plant to use 10-15 gallons of water a day?? As far as I understand, all you should be doing is topping the res up with water and adding the specified nutrients to the amount of water you added. I dont think the ppm of your solution should drop because the plants are using it, they should only drop once you add more water to the res. and when you do that, you should add more nutrients to get the ppm back to what it was. Are you thinking the ppm of the res should go down as the plant uses nutrients?? If the plant is using water out of the res, it will be taking up nutrients not just water. The ppm of your solution should not change unless you add more nutes to it, then it will go up, or if you add more water, then ppm will go down. If I am not understanding your question, please clarify
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