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Hi everyone - Vermont dude with The Night Train

what do you think of tourettes and medical pot?

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Just saying hello. I have had tourettes since the 1970s but at 51 tics are about nothing. I've practiced Lakota ceremony for decades and helps as well as marijuana for tics as many folks w. tourettes do. I'm also an author now writing a book memoir about peter smigowski and THE NIGHT TRAIN. Smigs was one of the largest pot distributors of his day and perhaps some of what I can discuss here at 420 will inform and I may learn from you all too. Bottom line is pete's story is finite and fascinating in every way. Perhaps I can submit certain sample chaps to folks and get feedback? All feedback is welcome no ego here. Anything I can do as well in return related to my own tale about tourettes and marijuana and how it has helped me over the years. Lets share.

All peace to you all!

chris laro


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Welcome to 420!!

Happy happy times are happening and I think you'll have a great time getting involved with the adventures.

If you have any questions don't hesitant to ask. Or consider checking out the FAQ under the "Grow Room" tab.

Plenty of awesome things happening around here. I hope you did everything you're looking for!

All the best,

Go green 26

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Hi Chris just stumbled apon 420 and I am very curios about weed fir tics. I'm 55 and have been somewhat controlled by drugs but just had to go off it due to heart palpitations. My tics are going crazy 4 days now on a new drug so I'm really suffering. I have family members who smoke so I tried it a couple of years ago and had a bad reaction freaked out paranoid horrible feeling. Had to call my son to pick me up. Do you think it could be a combo of antipsychotic drugs and weed together??? Wish it could help me. Any advice ?
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