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Hi everyone

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HI EVERYONE MY NAME IS SILVIA!!! I am a noob college grad student from Fl State. Fun calm and cool, and loves to get blowed:439:
:ciao: Hey there burgsilvia.
I see you Met PitViper, :headbang: Checkout his Grows, Green Links in his Signature.^
You'll Be Blown away. ;)
:welcome: to 420
Make yourself at Home, Nice to have you. :slide:
Any Questions about the 420 Community or what you see, Ask...Ok?
Enjoy meeting Fantastic People all over this Site.
Sharing Knowledge about Cannabis/Hemp.
Spreading Cannabis/Hemp Awareness to all.
Don't Shy, say hello In the Forums and Grow Journals.
We'll see you there. :nomo:
Hi burgsilvia, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
Pitviper greeted you. You have brushed up against the best.
Hope you won't be shy around here.
Spread your joy and make some new friends. :439:
Thankyou for joining us.
Hang on to your hat! I hear it's going to get windy this year.

Us Canuckistanians have a different interpretation of "blowed". Up here we call it "blazed". Unless we're talking about something completely different.

Congrats on the grad! What was it for? Diploma Tech, Environmental Chem myself. Post grad in fisheries and aiming for a doctorate in 420!

You'll begin to feel like 420Mag is family after a while and they are. We're all Going Green now-a-days and it's all for 420.com