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Hi From Aurora CO!

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Hey they chuck! Glad you found the site. Westside Lakewood here. :439:


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Welcome Chuck! We have all been waiting for you; now light that doobie up!


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Welcome Chuck! I knew/know a guy in Aurora. He made headlines several years back when he got busted for growing. Made all the papers when the DA gave him his equipment back.lol Unfortunately he turned out to be one heck of a "tale" teller in real life though.
Thankfully we don't have anyone like that here and the knowledge is top notch! Enjoy your time here.


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Whats up from Longmont!!!!!! Do you off road by chance (4x4)? :smokin:


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Hi Chuck, I too am in Aurora, nice to meet you! Suggestions for MM Doc would be appreciated from here as well, having a hard time.


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Hi Chuck, I just joined today. I'm located in Grand Junction, CO. Glad to see there are other people from Colorado here. It's a beautiful state. I just moved here from New Hampshire.

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