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Hi from Australia

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I am interested in the medical side as I have a friend with prostate cancer and I use it for my Bipolar. I love that everything that you need to know is here. I have learnt a lot from this place and I would like to say thanks 420.
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Thanks guys; I have heaps of questions but there is so much to read about these great plants. I have a hydro set up 2 pots, 40 Lt res, canna aqua and all the other canna stuff that goes with it, 600 watt light, carbon filter, pineapple chunks, bubble yum, in a cupboard. Every thing is going well. I would like to know if I flush longer on the final flush will it be better for making oil for cancer and does it matter that I quick dry first lot of bud so it can be used earlier. not sure about putting photo up. does it matter what color the oil is from black to honey color. I want to make the best quality oil I can.

Thanks to all that can help or put me in the right direction.
Hi phlipphlop, I personally like to dry and cure at least one week before making oil - moisture is not your friend when making oil. The color will vary depending upon method used. Check out the links in my signature below for making and using oil - I cured myself using these methods that were contributed by 420 Motoco so I know the benefits first hand. Good luck.