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hi from over the pond


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Hi everyone
ive never done this before,but i thought id give it a try.
:bong: just thought id say hi from england :bong:

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Welcome to 420. Glad you could join us. I always enjoy meeting folks from other parts of our planet that I otherwise would never meet. We have a newshawk from your neck of the woods. Stick around, we're a friendly bunch.


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:55: Welcome to 420 and get to know us...we have fun and do learn in the process how to be better growers/users.:smoke2:


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hello how are you from over the pond,
lemmie get out my ryming wand.
i see your from england
here i hope you find your entertainment fattened.
..... that didnt work did it?
well i tried. but ill say welcome,
i hope you can succomb
to our entertaining ways,
may we fill your bored days!
hope i dont scare you away...
i dont think i smoked enough today.....
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