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Hi from Slovenia


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Greetings from Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe!

I've found 420 Magazine website very useful and interesting, so I decided to register. I'd been a respected member of another board for some time, but then one day I got banned for no apparent reason. I hope this place is a "kinder clime". Professionally, I'm an artist (painter) and I hope to share some of my artwork with you soon.

I've been using cannabis for 15 years, at first only recreationally, but when my knee pain problems started I began using it for joint pain as well. I've been an outdoor grower for 3 years and have tried growing the following strains: Kalashnikova, Shaman, AutoMazar, and Thyphoon. Below you can see a few photos of my "girls".

GHS Kalashnikova







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Hi Woodpipe and welcome to 420. This place has a lot of wonderful people- very helpful, kind and respectful of each other. I hope you will love it here!
Happy growing!


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Hi Woodpipe.

Just wanted to add another welcome to the others you've received. :welcome:

I appreciate you sharing your pictures, and that Shaman in particular is just stunning. However, I did want to make you aware of the site policy of requiring that all photos be hosted on this site. The admins are an easy to get along with group of folks, but there are some guidelines that allow the site to be safely enjoyed by all.

Be well and happy growing!

Ps. Any indoor growing efforts or plans?


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Thank you for the welcome, everybody!
I will upload photos on this site in the future. Thanks for the reminder.

Ps. Any indoor growing efforts or plans?
No, not yet, current family situation isn't suitable, although I'd love to try it some day. These past grows were all conducted on my balcony, which receives approx. 6-7 hours of direct sunlight per day. It's not ideal, especially because I have to keep plants smaller to conceal them, but with some luck and knowledge I can harvest up to 100 grams (dry weight) of buds per plant.
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