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Hi from Washington State


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Hi everyone, I've been a long time reader and lurker of the forums and finally decided to setup an start sharing my own grows since i feel like i finally have a lot of the basics figured out now thanks to you all.

I am going to start a grow journal soon for my 5 Cinderalla99 plants and i am currently in the process of upgrading to a quantum board!

i hope everyone has had a good weekend

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Welcome thickroots777 to 420 magazine.
So you’ve been through the helpful links for new members, below on my post . It will help with the journal and signature !


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Welcome to 420,Thickroots :welcome:
Good to have you with us-I've got a son living in Wa.-used to be quite the hydroponic grower in Cali - so good,that he went to jail for it back in "the dark days"...
I look forward to your Journal-give me an @carcass when You get it going so I can check it out!


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Welcome from Alafornia!
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