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Hi guys n' gals, moved to Spain, waiting for spring!


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Hola 420 followers,
Recently decided that it was time to leave the UK and semi retire to the Balearic Islands. Grown for 10 years under lights in England and couldn't stand those big bills anymore!
Now, a new beginning, ready to enhance the 39.6 degrees Latitude and see how it goes under the sun, just itching to get going once Spring is here.
Haven't grown in soil for 8 years and then it was pots, now I want to put those babies straight in the ground and see how it goes. Got a good spot with no neighbours so will be digging and enriching what I already have.
Be great to get some help along the way as I'm such a newbie to soil, I've got access to a few grow shops and stuff so kit shouldn't be a problem with supplies.
I thought about going with auto's initially with a dozen or so femmed photo's just to learn the ropes. I'll be digging a lot that's for sure! The soil I have up here on my hillside is very red with huge amounts of stones and rocks, which I'll be removing as much as poss. Everything around seems to grow in abundance so a bit unsure as how to improve, would prefer to keep it as natural as poss but give them some what they require through watering, Biobizz nutes plus Fish mix, bat guano, worm castings and a spray of seeweed I thought. Any feedback on these products would be very helpful.
I've brought 21 DP auto Mazar and 21 auto Ultimate along with 14 various femmed photo freebies so looking forward to seeing what they do, be good fun anyway!
Ok, all done for now, germing in March, thanks all and be in touch again soon.
Loving 420 :circle-of-love:


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:welcome: Chesterbear! Great to have you with us on the number 1 site for cannabis awareness. Sounds to me like you are on the cusp of something wonderful. :) I hope you will consider starting a grow journal to share your grow with us. There are some links below in my signature that you may find of use. Good Luck.
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