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hi I love reading your posts. I posted a question, if someone responds do I


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:welcome: Braxton1!! Great to have you here. I may be able to help with your question... if you go to your User CP on the top green bar, then click on "view all subscribed threads, you have the option to set your notification 4 different ways.... "through my control panel only", "instantly, using email", "daily, using email", and "weekly, using email". Whichever one you set it to, you will still get the notifications though your control panel as well. I hope this helps. :) :peace:

devils letuce

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welcome to :420:

This is an awesome site to explore and learn how to grow killer marijuana. be sure to start a new journal its worth it ..Check out my signature below for some great starter links and our monthly contest that u can vote in .. u can choose to have emails or u can use the user cp like stated above ..

:lot-o-toke: devils letuce :thumb:


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Hi Braxton1 and welcome to the number one site promoting cannabis awarenes to end its prohibition :420: :welcome:

Anytime you post or like you are automatically subscribed with instant notifications. When you get email notifications there is a link at the bottom to unsubscribe from that topic, and another link which will take you to the panel to manage your notification settings, as Beateo mentioned.

Any questions, just ask :)

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