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Hi, I'm Hoam Rogh, I'm a writer

hoam rogh

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I'm happy to be here. :Hookah:

My attorney and I wrote a historical/legal fiction book about marijuana in america. It covers the federal laws, starting from 1937 and going to exciting conclusion where constitutional rights are brought to bear.

It's called the Case of US v. Yerbas.


keep organizing, you guys are winning this movement.
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Welcome! I am a fellow writer as well! Havent published anything, but will one day!

I will gladly check out your website, welcome to 420mag :smoke2:


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:welcome: to the 420Mag Family! We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness across the globe. We provide the most comprehensive up to the minute Cannabis News worldwide, so you know all the facts. I will provide some links that will keep you well informed on late breaking news across the world. We also have Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. 420Mag has members from around the world who count on us and the friendships forged here to get the truth about Cannabis. Why not:surf: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
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