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Hi, I'm koa's mom


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Hi, I'm koa's mom. He's a great little guy. Ten years old, but about two developmentally. He has myoclonic astatic epilepsy, or Doose syndrome. Two months ago we started trying cannabis to treat his seizures. Currently using the strain Harlequin, it is not the right balance of cbd/THC. We live in Washington. I was told to try acdc, but am looking for a place to buy it as well as help learning to make an oil. Koa's been using premade edibles, but soon the bank will be broken!

Thank you for your time and input!


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WELCOME to 420mag.:welcome:

That term/name was dubbed by, Dr. William Courtney, MD.

He is based in the Emeral triangle.

He promotes juiceing of RAW non-heated Cannabis.

Look into that form as well as keep trying edibles.

I am unfamiliar with Koa's case, I tried to google it but it came back all camp of america hits.

You can post back and or private message me if you'd like.
I am also interested in this AC/DC.


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Welcome to the site Mom! I have seen stories like yours on the TV and in the news. I do hope you get all your answers you need, if I do find any concrete info on helpful treatments I will spread it like wildfire.

I do hope you find the help you are looking for.
Much Love :peace:


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Thank you for your kind thoughts. Koa is not in the news. We live in a little Podunk town in Washington. My husband is a minister. We have four children, Koa is number 3. I homeschool the other 3 kids. None have been immunized. We live in the country and raise sheep and goats, and love gardening.

Koa was born normal and was an active, intelligent kiddo until his seizures started at 2. He had one gm every two weeks for awhile. When he had two in a day, I decided to follow the neurologist and start him on pharmaceuticals. 6 months later, with 6 different meds tried, we left conventional medicine. He was now having 8 different kinds of seizures and literally hundreds a day. He had stopped walking, talking or feeding himself.

Up until last year, he slowly progressed. He started making choices and was tested as a 32 mo old when he was 8. He was on his own seizure cycle of about twelve days. He start calm with no seizures then progress to a frantic zoomy high. Then he would crash into NCSE for a couple days, often with tonic seizures or absence. Last fall this all started getting worse. He has always been worse in the winter then the summer, but when spring came he didn't get better. His NCSE days grew from 1-2 days to 5-6. His speech deteriorated as well as him losing his potty training.

This summer I took him to the Seattle children's hospital for testing. They are awesome people! All ye tests came back like previous ones. There is nothing physically wrong with Koa, not in his brain, his blood, his genes, or his gi tract. They want to try starting him on lamotrigine again, the drug that brought us two horrific new seizures when he was two. Then I found out marijuana.

I started him in October. He immediately started sleeping better, talking more and making eye contact. Quickly he perked up and made his presence known as a huge two yr old getting into mischief! We started him on chocolates made from Harliquin at one mg a day. He's now on a glycerin tincture of the same strain, taking 8 mg a day. The seizures hav been maybe 25% better. The most noticeable thing is that he is always getting worse because of winter now, BUT he's not, he's improving.

The improvements are not enough and we are running into problems with increasing more cause of the THC being too high. This weekend I've heard about the cbd:THC ratio and the importance of that and that the two strains currently available with a good ratio are sour tsunami and ac/dc. The ratio of what he's taking is 2:1. The ratio of those are about 20:1.

Thank you all .


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hiya mom! how the heck are ya!? i hope you get some good and useful news from these good people here
i wish you all the best of success in your endeavor
you take care and hang in there :welcome: :peace2:


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Welcome Koa's mom!

Have you heard of Eco Firma Farms? They are out of Portland. They make some High CBD oil extract. You can then mix that with some olive oil or something to dilute it and make a tincture. You can then adjust the number of drops to find the right dosage. You might be able to contact them to find out where you could find some.

Sorry to hear that Harlequin isn't working. It might just be the strain. Not every harlequin is created equal. Some have a higher CBD % than others.

There are also a number of other strains that potentially have high CBD which have seeds available. I'm growing some Pennywise and some Dawgfather, both of which are supposed to be high CBD. There is also the 'CBD Crew' who produce seeds that apparently have high CBD.

I know there are some california strains that also have high CBD, there is one by Humboldt ( SOHUM )
Sour Tsunami-WORKING ON THE NEW SOUR-TSU | Southern Humboldt Seed Collective

Notice how it says 1 out of 4, so different phenos will have different amounts of CBD. I would love to get some of that strain.

And of course there is Charlotte's Web, but that is in Colorado atm. I would love to get a seed or clone of that as well.

Best of luck with your search for the right meds for your son. :Namaste:
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