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Hi kids! Possible nute burn?


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I think I have answered my own question, having folar sprayed with what must have been to strong a solution.. (see pic) had many, many sun leaves brown up and get really brittle... First ever grow, and I am learning!

Took the girls outa the room and one by one placed them into the utility tub for a flush with 6.3Ph clean water(multi stage filter), that was Sunday evening.. Now(Tuesday morning) they are all looking sorta weak.. is this normal after a flushing?

I have also taken a bunch of the dead/dieing leaves off, both with snips and by pinching to see what works best, so far no real differnce! As you will see they are loaded with leaves and potiental bud sites..

Girls are now 65 days from cloning, they have been LST,FIM'd and some cropped back.. heance some are very tall while others have spread out very nicely.. as they grown up and out I have been using 12 inch peices of old coat hangers bent into U's to pull down larger branches.. slowly bringing them lower and lower, as not to break or stress too much...seems to be working very well indeed!

I have been watering/feeding every 2 days, but they are pretty heavy now, so will wait till they feel lighter to feed again?

After flushing, should go easy on the nutes, say back to 300ppm? and move back up as needed?

OK, Should offer this info also: fox farms ocean forest 50/50 mix with perlite(redi-gro), 7 gallon smart pots, flora bloom nutes.. plus a compost tea mixture...

Please don't ask what strain these girls are, thats sore subject, as my buddy that supplied the clones either can't or won't tell me until they start showing flowers.. best guess is some sorta diesel strain..?

Any hoo, if someone could offer advise/wisdom from experience that would peachy! Thanks...




Wow, first time posting an image on here. whata huge hassle.. can't you guys/gals mke this a simpler process? jus sayin!


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Hope this helps bro

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Thanks DroJo, I had looked at the chart prior to posting, nothing looked exactly like my issue..?

I am going to go with my frist guess, nute burn.. and try not do it again!

They have perked back up after the flush, pretty normal from what I have read and heard.. Plants get too full and wilt down just a bit...

These girls are thriving, no matter what stupid crap I pull on em!

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I don't think it is nuteburn, think you may be having a cal. or Mag issue... What is your PH? Yes, after a good flush they will droop, but should perk up in a day.. You may want to pick up some cal/mag when you get a chance.... yes, start out nutes low and work your way back to strength..


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Your prolly right Killer, did you put the foliar spray on while the lights were on? And I couldn't agree more with Irie, they pretty much always droop for a day or so after a good flush. Good luck, you are off to a good start and keep us posted.


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Thanks fellas, I sprayed with the lights off, possibly still a bit damp by the time the lights came back on?? But the damage was pretty severe for that to be the cause... again, thinking it had to be a too strong mix of nutes, they had not gotten used to much fert in the soil at that point.. they are looking much, much better this morning!

Damage was only on 3(There are 3 racks of 3 plants each),the majority of the damage was on 1 rack, the other 2 had very light(if any) damage.

First grow, and still learning how to best care for the these babies, getting the room to stay at the right temp and humidity has been the biggest challenge, basement/garage room, walled and insulated from the main room, plenty of air circulation.. but am waiting for a vent Ys I ordered to vent the 3rd light hood.. I figure this is a test run and will be happy no matter what the outcome of this grow is..
have started 10 clones to replace these when ready!

I did the flush on Sunday night, here it is Wednesday, and the pots are still to heavy to water/nute.. day 5 of 12/12, I understand that after day 10 they should be drinking more?


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another thing i do is before i change my areo solution i test the new solution on my bucket grow, pot responds faster than any plant i have ever seen , if its not happy it will tell you with a droop within 15 min , if you listen they will tell you what and when they want it


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Hey BWC, I had used a 400ppm mixture of Flora gro nutes... must have been more than they could handle?

Also I never spray with the lights on, or near the time they would be coming on.. that was like lesson #1..;)

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Ur PPMs sound high. I don't recommend a foliar feed beyond 250 PPMs, based on my reading. I normally would feed a small pot/plant (young plant, 1 gal or less) nutes in that range. Try and re-reading what the manufacturer suggests on the bottle. When it comes to nutes and manufacturers recommendations its always safer to start of in a lower range then suggested and work ur way up as opposed to the opposite. U may want to speak with their customer service rep to ask their opinion. Most companies don't want a bad rep and will try to assist us in remedies. Keep us posted. And throw some pics in too if possible.


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I don't think I'm going to foliar feed for the duration, they seem to be doing well for now.. but that was a bit of a scare.. sheesh..!

I ended up taking off pretty much all the damaged leaves, if nothing else, it's much more ascetically pleasing.

Question on adding nutes and supplements, do you check PPM with nutes and then add the supplements or go with the recommend PPM with everything added?

Will take some new pics tonight , during their day light hours.. My babies are big bushy girls!


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bro.. man looks like you have two things going on one is to much nitogen and the other is rootbound and could also be a ph problem and this is the reason why... leaf is splochy... a root problems cause this...nitrogen should be used sparingly especily if the soil is quality...root to shoot ratio is very important and rootbound is the reasons leaves dont respond after just being waterd and dont recover from wilting even if flushed.... hope this gives help fellow grower
what you see above the soil is going on below the soil be kind to both ends and you will be rewarded!!


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Hiya Savage, thanks for stepping in here.. Using a 50/50 fox farms ocean forest to redi-gro(mostly perlite). The Smart pots are supposed to keep the roots as healthy as is possible due to the aeration and the fabric keeping the roots from pushing hard.. plus with 7 gallon pots at day 65ish, they shouldn't be too damned big yet?

The girls did come back just fine within 12 hours after the flushing..

So far they all seem happy again.. will update in a few with some new pics.. massive pre-flowers.. freakin everywhere!!


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Here are my girls as of tonight.. Wiil water again tomorrow with 600Ppm of nutes and additives.

May also spray them down with some 6.2 Ph water, just to get any dust etc off and refresh them a bit.

Thanks for looking in!





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In 7 gals ur roots should be ok. However, cannabis has a deep roots system, meaning the roots like to grow down so deep pots (as opposed to wide ones are desirable). I would like to think that ur plants have enough room but I try to stay away from shallow pots. I don't think its should even be a concern 65 days in though. As for monitoring PPMs, take ur measurements after nutes and additive have been added. Also be aware that some products have specific instructions on the bottle that warns us of the product causing PPM spikes that have the potential to give an inaccurate reading. I been using the same nutes for a while and just discovered this recently when re reading some literature n the product. Read the WHOLE label small print and all. I could've saved myself alot of weight and problems had I realized this earlier. Good luck to bro.
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